Would You Trust a Lawyer You Got at Walmart?

By otmseo on August 24, 2020

Walmart Partners Up With Lawyers In a Race To the Bottom In Legal Representation

Walmart has earned a reputation as the leader in the race to the economic bottom. For years they’ve negotiated the lowest prices for the goods they sell and for the services of those who toil at Walmart. A staggering number of Walmart employees and their families live below the poverty line. The workers often require public assistance to get by.

Walmart is able to do this because they have such huge bargaining power. The mega-chain is able to negotiate the lowest prices for goods because they buy in such high volume. Walmart is able to pay its employees low wages because they are often the only employer in the area.

So now Walmart has teamed up with Legalzoom to provide Wills and Trust services and Axxess Law to provide onsite attorneys at their stores. Given their history in other areas of purchasing goods and services, I’m sure that they’ve negotiated really great deals for new and struggling lawyers to provide low-cost legal services. But is this in your best interest? No.

A Cheap Lawyer Is Never Good and a Good Lawyer Is Never Cheap.

Choosing a lawyer is not buying a box of cornflakes. A lawyer that charges low, low fees have to take many, many cases and can’t give your case the attention it needs. A lawyer that must provide a wide variety of legal services (personal injury, contracts, bankruptcy, et c.) can’t devote his time to being outstanding at the area of law you need.

So you may choose to shop at Walmart for groceries because of price or variety, but it is not the place to shop for a DUI or criminal lawyer. Your LIBERTY is at stake! A good defense is never cheap and a cheap defense is never good.

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