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Improper Intrusions Into Jury Deliberations

The Court doesn’t want to be faced with a hung jury. A hung jury is a jury that can’t come to a unanimous decision. The Court will often try to push the jury into reaching a verdict. The Court has to be very careful about how far it can go. People v. Moreno In the […]

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How to Take Advantage of CA Prop 47

This is an exciting development for people convicted of certain felonies.( I list them below.) Prop 47 allows reduction of felonies to misdemeanors. One of the most important things about this Proposition is it applies retroactively. This means no matter when you were convicted you can get your felony reduced to a misdemeanor. As you know, this […]

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How the CA DUI Blood Test Works.

As part of the California Implied Consent Law, a person arrested for DUI is given the option of taking a breath or a blood test. For reasons I discuss elsewhere, blood testing is now my recommended choice. Remember: unless you are under 21 or on DUI probation you are free to refuse the handheld Breathalyzer given […]

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