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Fermentation in CA DUI Blood Test Samples:

Problems With the CA DUI Blood Test: Fermentation and Contamination. Fermentation The first problem with blood testing for alcohol is that it’s impossible to tell how much alcohol was created by later fermentation of the sugars in blood by microorganisms. In other words, the microorganisms naturally present in the blood begin to produce alcohol in […]

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DUI Blood test or Breathalyzer in CA? Which Should I Take?

Blood Test or Breathalyzer: Which Test Makes It Easier To Fight Your DUI? I used to say that it didn’t matter which test you took because both of the tests were subject to attacks. These attacks are based on scientific problems with the tests themselves. As a result of the decision of the California Supreme […]

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How the CA DUI Blood Test Works.

As part of the California Implied Consent Law, a person arrested for DUI is given the option of taking a breath or a blood test. For reasons I discuss elsewhere, blood testing is now my recommended choice. Remember: unless you are under 21 or on DUI probation you are free to refuse the handheld Breathalyzer given […]

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