Expungement (Penal Code 1203.4)


If you were convicted of an infraction, misdemeanor or felony and successfully completed probation, you can have your probation, you can obtain an expungement. An expungement results in the addition of a dismissal to your record. It does not seal or destroy the records in your case. If you got a no probation misdemeanor you can obtain an expungement one year after your conviction.

Once off probation, an expungement can be filed if you are not currently on probation for another case, do not have any pending cases and have successfully completed all the terms of probation.

If you get an expungement it allows you to answer the question: Have you ever been convicted of a crime? By stating no. It doesn’t allow you to answer no if you are applying to certain jobs. Usually those jobs require licensing by the State. The conviction still must be disclosed for professional licenses and if you’re going to apply for a public office.

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