DUI Court Process


You are formally charged and provided with some of the Prosecutor’s discovery. A skilled Criminal DUI Lawyer will know how to demand more information from the Prosecutor and from Police Agencies.


The Court will ensure that the parties are progressing toward Trial. Any Motions, either to suppress (exclude) testimony or evidence or order additional Discovery may be heard at this time.


After all Pre-Trial Motions have been heard, there will be a Trial.

  • A Jury will be selected.
  • Opening statements will be made.
  • The Prosecutor will present their case, seeking to show you were Driving Under the Influence.
  • At this time, our skilled DUI Lawyer will cross-examine the Prosecutor’s witnesses.
  • Next, we will present your case raising affirmative defenses and rebutting the testimony and evidence put on by the Prosecutor.
  • Both sides will argue, the Judge will instruct the Jury, and the jury will retire to deliberate.

It is extremely important to be well represented at the Criminal Court. the issues and defenses are highly technical. The penalties can be severe. A great DUI Attorney can make sure you get the best outcome possible.