Gun Charges Attorney in Los Angeles

Gun charges in CA range from Possession of a Concealed Weapon, to Carrying a Concealed Weapon, to Possession of an Illegal Gun (automatic), to Felon in Possession of a Gun or Ammunition. These charges can be Felonies or Misdemeanors.

These cases are initiated either because a cop searched the defendant and found a weapon or, usually in the case of Felon in Possession because the cops ran a search for people with Felonies on information turned over by a gunshop. Most people are arrested for gun charges because a cop searched them and found guns.

Gun-related crimes are mostly beat by beating the circumstances of the arrest. That is, by showing that the cop didn’t have reasonable suspicion or Probable Cause to detain, search or arrest you. It’s important that your Lawyer know the state of Search and Seizure law and is current with the latest Fourth Amendment related decisions.

If you’re stopped for any reason by a cop and they ask if they can search you, say no. You have a right not to consent to a search. These rights have been hard-fought and well earned by lawyers fighting day in and day out to secure them. Don’t waste your rights by not asserting them.

Also, if you’re stopped for any reason by a cop, don’t talk to them. Either say nothing or say “I’d like to talk to a lawyer before I talk to you.” If you don’t talk to them, the cops can’t lie about what you told them.

Every gun case is different. I’ve been successfully defending and developing strategies to successfully defend gun cases for over 20 years. I know what’s at stake for you, and I will use all my skills to make sure you beat the gun charges.

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