CHP Officers Make Game of Stealing Photos

By otmseo on August 24, 2020

NBC News recently reported that CHP officers make game of stealing racy photos. CHP Officer Harrington of the Dublin area CHP was arrested recently for stealing photos from the cell phones of women he arrested. He would search an arrestee’s phone and then text the pictures to his friends – also members of the California Highway Patrol.

The prosecutor charged him with two Counts of Computer Data Theft, a Felony. Harrington sent the private photos from the arrestee’s phone to his cop buddies on two separate occasions. The article describes the conduct as part of a game among the officers. As a result, the Court has dismissed at least one case where Harrington was arresting officer .

The CHP took at least one of my clients phones and looked through it. It has probably happened more than twice, if as reported this is part of a larger game among CHP officers.

If you’ve been stopped or arrested by the CHP or any law enforcement agency, you should search your phone to see if there are any texts to numbers you don’t recognize. If you’ve been the victim of an invasion of privacy by CHP you can make a complaint here. Complaint procedures against local law enforcement should be on their websites.

If you need help because your privacy has been invaded by the CHP, call me at 213-893-8640 to discuss your case more fully.

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