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What Should A DUI Lawyer Cost in Los Angeles and CA?

DUI TrialWhat should it cost to hire a DUI Attorney in Los Angeles and CA?

The maxim that you get what you pay for is never more true than when looking at DUI Lawyer cost.

A cheap defense is never good and a good defense is never cheap. And most estimates of what you will pay assume you want to plead guilty. You DO NOT want to do that. A DUI is serious and has far reaching, expensive consequences.

The defense of a DUI is highly technical, involving nuances of Fourth and Fifth Amendment law. It is also highly scientific, encompassing areas of pharmacology, chemistry, physics and exercise kinesiology. The proper defense against DUI charges demands someone with knowledge of all these areas.

It is possible to retain your family or business Lawyer to represent you in a DUI. It is possible to hire an Attorney for as low as $1,000.00 for representation in the criminal case.

It is possible, but NOT recommended.

Your family or business Lawyer probably lacks the expertise to get you the best possible result from the Criminal Court and the DMV.

The Attorney who tells you he is a DUI Attorney and charges $1,000.00 cannot provide personalized service to you. He has to take a large number of cases in order to justify his low price and simply can’t give your case the attention it needs to obtain the best result.

You could also shell out $10,000 to $15,000 for a ‘TOP Flight’ Big Name DUI Attorney. Chances are you’ll never even see the Name Attorney. Chances are your case will be handled by whichever overworked associate is available on your Court date.

The answer to the question: What Should It Cost to Hire A DUI Lawyer? ultimately depends on the specific facts of your case. But expect to pay a reasonable flat fee for representation in the Criminal Courts and at the DMV.

We provide highly personalized service and skillful, experienced DUI Defense not available anywhere else.

We have been winning DUI cases just like yours for 15 years. We know the Law, we know the Courts and we know how to win.

We offer these services with out charging youo an arm and a leg to cover advertising cossts or high profit margins.

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